Philosophy 205

Philosophy 205: Philosophy of Language
David Sanson
Illinois State University
Spring 2021
TuTh 12:35-1:50
Line Drawing of Several People in Garbled Conversation
Line Drawing of Several People in Garbled Conversation

Course Description

Language is a central feature of human experience. We use language to make claims, make promises, make commands, write laws, tell jokes, tell lies, bullshit each other, insult each other, oppress each other….

This class explores fundamental questions about what language is, how language works, and how we use language to do these things. Some puzzles we will consider:

Course Modality

This class will be online. It will include both synchronous and asynchronous elements. Readings, lectures, and assignments will be asynchronous. We will use our scheduled class times for synchronous activities and group discussion. There will be opportunities for online asynchronous collaboration as well.

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