Philosophy 112

Homework assignments will be posted to the Logic 2010 site. Reading assignments include both the sections in the Logic Text and the corresponding online supplement, when available.

The Logic Text can be accessed from within the Software. For convenience, I am also posting direct links to each chapter here:

Week 1

What is Logic? Reasons and Arguments. Hidden Premises. Soundness and Validity. Formal Validity


Week 2

Symbolizing ‘if’ and ‘not’.

Reading: Chapter 1.1-3

Week 3

Derivations with ‘if’ and ‘not’

Reading: Chapter 1.4-7

Week 4

Subderivations and Theorems

Reading: Chapter 1.8-11

Week 5


First Midterm Exam, Thursday

Week 6

More connectives: ‘and’, ‘or’ and ‘if and only if’; Truth Tables

Reading: Chapter 2.1; 2.10-11

Week 7


Reading: Chapter 2.3-5

Week 8


Reading: Chapter 2.4-6

Week 9

Theorems and Derived Rules

Reading: Chapter 2.7-9

Week 10


Second Midterm Exam, Thursday

Week 11

Names, Variables, Predicates, and Quantifiers

Reading: Chapter 3.1-4

Week 12


Reading: Chapter 3.5

Week 13


Reading: Chapter 3.6-10

Week 14

Many Place Predicates and Identity

Reading: Chapter 4.1-2; 5.1-2

Week 15

Practice and Review.

Finals Week

Final Exam, at the appointed time during Finals Week.