David Sanson

My office is Stevenson 341. My email is desanso@ilstu.edu.

When emailing about a course, please include your full name in the body of your email and the course number (e.g., “251”) in the subject line.

I teach two sections of the Philosophy Department’s logic course each term:

I usually teach one other course each term, whose topic varies. For Fall 2017, I am teaching:

For Spring 2018, I will be teaching:

Over the years, I have taught on symbolic logic, critical reasoning, metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, the nature of the self, medieval philosophy, ancient philosophy, and philosophy of religion. At Illinois State, I’ve taught upper-division topics courses on truth, realism, and anti-realism; the metaphysics of properties; the metaphysics of possibility and necessity; the metaphysics of ordinary objects. At Ohio State, graduate seminars on the metaphysics of time and tense, nonexistent objects, and the metaphysics of modality.

Texts and Handouts

I am occasionally invited by the ISU Philosophical Society (our undergraduate philosophy club) to lead discussions on various topics. Here are the handouts from those discussions:

I maintain a small collection of philosophical texts and handouts that I use in my courses.